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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Realm of Simplicity

Realm of Simplicity is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It is a medieval-fantasy setting in which the players can embark on their own adventures and set their own goals. The game also features a real-cash player-driven economy. The game has quests, levels, armor, magic, potions, archery, monsters, dungeons, and everything else you'd want in any MMORPG.

Who's the Developer?

I, Bryce, am passionately following my dreams by creating my own company which creates games, webites, software, etc. My company name is Pure Heart Game Studio.

How Do I Contact You?

If you'd like to contact us for suggestions, ideas, bugs, polls, etc. Please feel free to contact us on our Discord! The link to our discord is on the left-side.

What's a "Real-Cash Player-Driven" Economy

The entire economy of the game is 100% player-driven. Meaning, the only way to get in-game currency will be from your own deposit or trading with other players; no in-game currency will be given for quests, monster drops, etc. If you can't craft your own items (with the required levels and materials) then you can purchase the items from other players. Our currency is also a "real-cash" currency. Meaning, the in-game currency has a fixed exchange rate for USD. All in-game currency originates from player's deposits. Therefore, it is very possible to make money simply by playing the game with no deposit.

What is the Gold to USD Ratio?

For every 10,000 in-game gold is equivalent to $1.00

How do you Deposit or Withdraw?

For our safety we can only accept deposits of cryptocurrencies however when you want to withdraw in-game gold you can take it out as USD.

Are there deposit/withdraw Fees?

Yes, there is a withdraw fee of 10%. This fee is necessary to continue developing the game.

Do I have to Deposit Money?

Nope! You will just have no in-game gold at the start. The only way you could make gold is by gathering materials, crafting items, killing monsters for loot. Then you'll need to sell those items to other players for in-game gold.

When's the Release?

No dates right now. Currently, we are in the Pre-Alpha stage so we are essentially building the mechanics and systems. Once we are getting closer and can foresee a date for Alpha, Beta, and Release we will definitely let everyone know via our Discord.

What's the Business Model?

We will have a one-time purchase of $4.95 for an account and you will have the game forever! Depositing money for the in-game currency is completely optional.

How Much will the Game Cost?

It will cost $4.95 to create your account and you will be able to play forever!

What's the Target Platform?

Windows PC

Is This a Scam?

No. This is my dream, I will make it happen!