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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bryce's MMORPG

Bryce's MMORPG (which will most likely be given a proper name in the future) is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It will be in a fantasy-medieval setting in which the players can do whatever they like, whenever they like. It also will incorporate a real-cash player-driven economy. We will have quests, levels, armor, magic, potions, archery, monsters, dungeons, and everything else you'd want in any MMORPG.

Who Are You?

I, Bryce, am passionately following my dreams by creating my very own company which will create games, webites, software, etc. I am determined to make my dreams a reality!

How Do I Contact You?

If you'd like to contact us for suggestions, ideas, bugs, polls, etc. Feel free to tell us on our Discord! Discord invite will be on the left-side links.

Are You Qualified to Make an MMORPG?

"Qualified"?... Maybe not, but I am going to. I've been a self-taught programmer since I was 7 years old. And finally will have my Computer Science degree at the end of December 2021. Everybody says don't make an MMORPG for your first game. It won't "technically" be my first game; but it will be my first completed and published game.

What's a"Real-Cash Player-Driven" Economy

The entire eceonomy of our game will be 100% player-driven. Meaning, there will be no NPCs involved in trades with currency. Each trade via items/currency will be dealt with player to player. If you can't craft your own items (with materials and required levels) then you must purchase the items from other players. Our currency will also be a "real-cash" currency. Essentially, the gold in-game currency has a fixed exchange rate for USD. All currency will originate from a player's exchange from USD to gold. Therefore it is very possibly to make money simply by playing the game. With this concept, it should alway give value to items and reward players for playing the game. This is great because in some countries around the world, people are selling in-game currencies to make more money than their local jobs could.

Can I deposit/withdraw at Any Time?

Absolutely! We will be using Paypal for immediate and secure transactions.

Are there deposit/withdraw Fees?

Yes unfortunately... We can't get around those. Withdrawing gold to USD will have a 10% fee, this fee will be the main way we make money to continue the development of the game.

Can I Play with No Real Money?

Absolutely, it will be completely Free-to-Play! You will just have no in-game gold at the start. The only way you could make gold is by gathering materials, crafting items, killing monsters for loot. Then you'll need to sell the items to other players for in-game gold.

Whens the Release?

No dates right now. Currently, we are in early-development stages so we are essentially building mechanics and systems and having close friends/family test it all. Once we are getting close and can foresee a date for Alpha, Beta, and Release we will definitely let everyone know via our Discord.

Whats the Business Model?

Our game's business model will be completely Free-to-Player. We will be making money through the 10% gold withdraw fees. We also have a "membership" idea in the back of our minds, possibly like a 1.5x XP or something for monthly paying members. Nothing is concrete yet though.

What Target Platform?

Windows PC. Once we are ATLEAST past the Beta stage, I believe we could easily port the game to work cross-platform with other platforms such as Mac, Linux, and even Switch. Again, nothing promised past Windows PC.

Is This a Scam?

No :P This is my dream, I'll make it happen!

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